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Wisdom Wednesday

“The words of the elders become sweet one day.”

- Malawan Proverb

The proverb today stuck out to me because of what many are celebrating this month, which is Black History Month. The words of our elders will become sweet one day and finally make sense. When we’re young we know everything! And those little lessons and jewels that our elders were telling us may have fell on deaf ears. Once we’re older and wiser though, we’ll go back in our memory bank and realize, “Oh ok, I did catch what so and so was saying. They were right! It all makes sense now!

Personally, this month has never been more than just another month to me, because I felt like why do we need a month to celebrate our history when it should be celebrated and acknowledged all year? When it should be taught at home first in African American households before we expect it to be taught anywhere else. Well, as I grew older and wiser and realized why Carter G. Woodson started Negro History Week in the first place, I understand. Even today, black people or people of African descent still don't know their true history just as their counterparts. Black History is world history. And because our history and contributions were not acknowledged here in the States ,as we were seen as inferior and believed to not have contributed anything to society.

Today I am thankful for Mr. Woodson and all of his studies, research, bravery, and works that he put in in his lifetime for us. For everyone of all backgrounds and ethnicities. So much has been hidden, lied about and changed when it comes to not only black history but American history in general. When I share information about history with my eleven year old son, I also share it with my 61 year-old father, because many of the things that I’m learning, he never knew. Carter G. Woodson’s “The Mis-educatoin of the Negro” completely changed my perspective on things and led me to wanting to know more and contributed to me opening my bookstore. You're never too old to learn something new, no matter how much you think you know.

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