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Wisdom Wednesday

“Suppression of hunger leads to death” African Proverb

Happy Wednesday!!

We all know what happens if we go without food and water long enough. We’ll perish. Suppressing the immune system long leads to death. Well how about suppression of life? Suppression of food that is not physical. How about suppression of feeding yourself other things that can help you live a healthy life? Growth, Gratitude, Healthy relationships, Learning, Exploring, Loving…We’re made up of mind, body, and spirit and so why would we just feed the body and not the other two that keeps this meat suit running?

Are you feeding your mind, body, and spirit?

Today I’ve been feeding my body lemon ginger tea and exercise. I felt a sinus infection coming on and ginger is a good aid for the sinuses and a great anti-inflammatory. For my spirit, I listened to some relaxing neo soul instrumentals while I worked and said some gratitude affirmations before I started my day. For my mind, I’ve been catching up on some reading in “Sacred Woman” by Queen Afua. These things keep me going and balanced in ways that work for my life. Combined together they give me the energy to go out and get things done and live how I choose. Are you feeding yourself “food” that will keep you healthy and happy?

Are you indulging in the wonders of life or are you limiting yourself?

Feeding these three components leads to a more fulfilling life when you’re feeding yourself the right things. Many people suppress their wants and needs to stay comfortable and content and forget to feed what really matters. Oftentimes we suppress our growth because we’re afraid of change. Just like we suppress our feelings in hopes to avoid certain situations, people, and outcomes. Be brave and wise enough to know that we’re here to live and not just conform. Some of us suppress our natural light in hopes of not offending others or standing out. You are meant to shine and if suppressing your true self offends others or makes them feel any type of way besides happy for you, they’re probably not someone you want around you. And you don’t want to go through life holding back and then looking back and wishing you shoulda, coulda, woulda! Feeding your mind, body, and spirit healthy food is fuel for you to LIVE.

You know what’s best for you at the end of the day, or if you’re not sure, start digging deep into yourself and ask yourself if what you’re indulging in is helping or hurting you. If you like what you’ve been eating or if it’s making you sick mentally, spiritually, emotionally, or physically. You can change at any time. It's your life, you’re the cook!

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